I used to write quite a bit of music which was lots of fun. I haven't really had time recently though as I've been focussing on making games instead. You can still download them all as mp3 from here.

Big Beat

A funky little number.

A lively, brass heavy number with double bass and plenty of percussion.

133bpm big-beat / breaks, with lots of brass, keyboard riffs and scratching.

115bpm, disco bassline, wah guitar, scratching, brass and B4 organ.

Vocals, electric piano, scratching and funky guitar with a sitar finale.

4x4 kick, brass, thrashy guitar, bouncy 303 and a latin flavour towards the end.

Beat-heavy groove with a nice harmonica riff.

A tweaky electropop delight that makes you want to hit the bottle.

Beatboxing and brass with scat jazz vocals.

A spacey track, with a nice synthy vibe in the second half.


Lots of distortion, vocoding, juicy bass and phat synth riffs.

Nice analogue bass sounds and comb filter glitch.

Fingerlickin' breaks with fat bass and chirpy electro blips.

Phat synth riff with bouncy middle.


100BPM, Jazzy ride cymbals, EP and brass, with scratching and synths later on.

'Ethnic' guitar at the start and synths and filtered vocals later on.

Both a tune and quantum physics science lesson in one package.

Funky guitar, nice beats and vocals towards the end.

Describes the story of a trip to the moon.

A lounge vibe, with female vocals, keys, synths, strings and brass section.

Downtempo with crunchy beats and strings at the end.

Homage to R2D2, in a lounge style with Rhodes, strings,and brass.

Hip-Hop beats with an indian slant


Jolly track with a dubby theme and electro beats

Tripped out dub with a ukelele rhythm part underneath

A dubby / trancey tune about where imaginary friends live.

Trancey / dub nonsense with a swing beat


Nice guitar riff with swing beats, trombone part, scratching, etc.

84bpm Jazz/hip-hop with reggae chords and piano lead.

Hip-Hop beats with scratchey vocals, keyboards and vibraphone.

Slide guitars and scratching

Guitar and hip-hop beats, at a rip-roaring 80 BPM.


Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

Hourglass by Second Sky

Bond 77 and Counting

Blurred [electro-dub mix] - Remix of Blurred by the Mitsubishis

Don't Say [alex h remix] - Remix of Don't Say by the Mitsubishis


Champion Floss

Not Steppa


Moon Frog

Freaks Come Through The Grapevine

Green Lines

Cry When The Music's Over

Elephants on Parade (when the bolero goes down)

Dub Be Good To Ramble

Mupp It Out

Bacardi Through the Grapevine

Rhino Looking In

Imperial Bombaclaat

Killa Vanilla

Purple Banjo

Sweet Child of Madness

I Want To Do It

Higher State of Mambo

Minnie the Mod

Mahna Mahna in Memphis

Call Of Billie Jean

Orion Is For Real

Get Eleanor

Busta Shining Path

Push It Into My Black Hole

California Throat